High Voltage Testers

The KKInstruments high voltage testing equipment range has been specially designed for the safe and practical detection of voltages on electrical systems in the power generation and distribution, rail network, petrochemical and electrical service and maintenance industries.

The high voltage test range is designed for use on power system voltages of up to 33kV, and includes ergonomically designed portable neon and digital voltage indicators, capacitive voltage indicators, circuit phasing equipment, insulator leakage detectors and current clamps.

This highly specialist range of HV test equipment is in widespread use with test engineers and electrical power technicians worldwide, and has a longstanding reputation for reliability, accuracy and robust construction.

Importantly, with safety such a crucial factor, all Seaward high voltage testing equipment is fully compliant with international standards and is manufactured in compliance with IEC 61243.

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● Telescopic, compact, lightweight.● High voltage detection.● Low voltage detection.● Self test button feature.● Easy-to-recognize indication.● Waterproof.

Category: Proving units

● Designed to proof.   AC voltage detectors   AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.

Category: Proving units

● Designed to proof:     -Phasing sticks.     -High voltage detectors (contact type only, not to be used with non contact proximity detectors.)     -High voltage and voltage testers.● Battery operated.● Led indicates when power is “ON”.● Small and hand-held.● Quick connection with normal 4mm test leads.